District 9 is ready for Better Outcomes; meet Gwenn to learn how she will earn your vote
The Legislature Must Prioritize Texas Families


Gwenn Burud for Texas Senate District 9.Progressive Leadership Ready to Work for Texas

I am running for office to be a voice for everyone who believes Texas is best served by politicians who serve their district instead of those, like my opponent, who are only interested in promoting ideas from the the last century that benefit the wealthy and powerful.

Everyone in Texas Senate district 9 should prosper under our strong 21st century economy but Texas public schools continue to be underfunded and our schools are struggling with the continuous class size growth.

I was raised in the tradition of service, sacrifice and building up those around me by working together. As a teacher I know everyone has greatness in them. I have been honored to play a part in lighting that fire and I am committed to doing the same for my constituents.


We must be committed to the future of Texas with strong public schools.

  • Restore State Education funding to 50% Formula
  • Limit Class Sizes
  • Support Teacher Cost of Living Increases
  • Texas School Finance Reform

A quality public education should be a right for all children. This includes allowing teachers the freedom to encourage critical thinking skills,
not teaching to standardized tests.

School Finance Reform
We must be committed to funding public education. For years, state dollars allocated to school finance have been drastically reduced and redirected to the General Fund for non-education purposes.

Texans have been forced to compensate for this loss with increased local property taxes.

This is unacceptable.

I plan to refocus the legislature back to education funding and fight against why are we giving loopholes to corporations who should be paying their fair share to education.

Healthcare is a Right, and Not a Privilege

Your socioeconomic status should not determine whether or not you receive the care you need. The costs of healthcare have continued to rise, while Texas remains the most uninsured State in the country. We must do better because lives are on the line.

  • Expand Medicaid. I call on the Governor to expand Medicaid in our State so that low-income Texans have access to affordable care.
  • Women’s Health. Women’s health clinics and organizations have been under attack in our State. I will fight to ensure all women have access to routine OB-GYN services, including before, during, and after a pregnancy.
  • Affordability. For far too long, healthcare costs have burdened families and weighed down our economy. All Texans should have access to health insurance so that an unexpected illness does not lead to financial uncertainty. Additionally, having insurance means that Texans will have affordable access to the preventative care that could save their lives and lower costs in the long-run.
  • Mental Health Care Services for Children. The lack of psychiatrists in the State of Texas has created a shortage of providers for mental health services for children in the State. The State should improve mental health reimbursement rates to increase the percentage of psychiatrists who will accept Medicaid patients, providing access to health care for those who cannot afford private payments.
Energy is Both Our Future and the Solution to Our Environmental Crises

Texas must lead the world to the benefit of clean energy both to build the new economy and to commit ourselves to repair the damage of hydrocarbon fuel emissions.

  • Position Texas as the forefront of modern energy solutions
  • Support jobs in clean, renewable energy
  • Promote Solar Incentives
  • Develop Balanced Subsidies for Renewable Energy Producers

When I see what our children are inheriting from future generations environmental excesses it is clear we must find a better path forward. By making clean and renewable energy the cornerstone of our energy policies Texas will be known not just for their energy past but for a better way forward as energy leaders in wind and solar solutions.

This earth is the only one we get, and ignoring science won’t make the challenges it faces go away. We must seek ways to reverse the negative implications of climate change. Future generations are depending on us.

Our Economy

A healthy economy is one that is not only sizeable but equitable as well. Our Texas economy is one of the largest in the world, yet as we have continued to grow, more and more wealth has gone to large corporations and their shareholders. Every day, hardworking Texans, such as our farmers, teachers, and small business owners, deserve their fair share too. We must focus on strengthening the middle class, not the pocketbooks of the already wealthy.

  • Minimum Wage: The minimum wage in our State has not changed in almost a decade. Meanwhile, steady inflation has reduced the buying power of the dollar and increased the cost of living. The minimum wage should be increased to
    account for inflation so that we can protect our most vulnerable workers.
  • Tax Cuts: Trickle-down economics is not a responsible way to grow the economy. Instead, tax cuts should focus on helping small businesses and families who need them. More specifically, the burden of high property taxes is taking valuable financial capital away from businesses who would otherwise use that money to expand, or hire more workers. Spending and taxation can be powerful tools to grow an economy, but only if used responsibly and efficiently.
  • Vocational Training: Having only a high school diploma is no longer enough to be competitive in the modern, global market. The State should supplement job training programs so that Texas workers can acquire the skills that employers are seeking in the 21st century.
  • Infrastructure: As our cities continue to grow in size and population, we must ensure that our infrastructure is adapting to these changes. This includes expansive, reliable public transportation. Not only does it allow lower-income individuals to access more opportunities, but helps the environment by reducing emissions and our dependence on oil and gas.
  • Student Loan Debt: The staggering amount of student loan debt in our country has placed an economic burden on working and middle-class families who cannot afford rising tuition costs out-of-pocket. Students with substantial student loan debt have a much harder time getting ahead financially once they graduate. We must make a commitment to increase the affordability of higher education, including alternative options such as community colleges and trade schools.

We must elect leaders who are ready to make economic commitments to all hardworking Texans – those that will help our middle class remain the backbone of our economy.