Meet Gwenn

Meet Gwenn

Meet Gwenn Burud

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A native of Fort Worth, TX, Gwenn Burud knew from an early age what it was like to struggle financially. But Gwenn and her two older brothers also grew up understanding the importance of education — their parents emphasized it at every opportunity. Gwenn would eventually go on to earn a master’s degree in Education for the Deaf from Texas Women’s University. Along the way, she had the good fortune to meet Dean, now her husband of 25 years, and his three children. Gwenn and Dean are the busy parents of three children of their own.

Gwenn, a Democrat, says that Barack Obama’s campaign helped her understand that politics can be a force for good. She focused first on the national campaign, but she quickly learned about the importance of state and local politics and soon began volunteering with local clubs and campaigns. “Though Barack Obama’s election gave us hope,” says Gwenn, “there was still much progress to be made in Texas.”

The 2016 presidential election cemented her commitment to being a change agent: “I often say that 2008 made me politically active, but 2016 made me an activist.” Gwenn is running for office “not only because of that ruinous day in November but also because it seemed our system of checks and balances was being dismantled, leaving us unprotected.” She was particularly concerned to see Texas legislators making extreme cuts to public education, which led to underfunded school systems and overcrowded classrooms, overwhelmed teachers, and underserved students.

Gwenn, like her parents before her, is a strong proponent of education, and she is committed to making real progress on this issue and in other areas that make a real difference in the lives of real people.