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A mom, teacher, and political activist

I'm tired of out-of-touch [politicians] who ignore everyday Texans.

A Brief Glimpse

Gwenn is a teacher for deaf/hard of hearing infants through the local ISD. She works with parents and their children on how to adjust and what resources families have. 

As a mom to three boys, Gwenn knows what her constituents face: concerns about what is best for your family. GOP legislators are out of touch with what everyday Texans face, but Gwenn isn't. She's a mom, a teacher, and a Texan more willing to listen Senate District 9 than our current representative.

Gwenn follows state and local politics closely and knows there are simple ways to solve problems when we shift our priorities. Her years in activism and voter outreach have led to many conversations that reassure her everyday Texans just want someone who cares less about pleasing the GOP and more about better outcomes. 

Gwenn's Bio

A proud native of Fort Worth, TX, Gwenn Burud knew from an early age what it was like to struggle financially.  But Gwenn and her two older brothers also grew up understanding the importance of education — their parents emphasized it at every opportunity — and, after hitting “some peaks and valleys,” she would eventually go on to earn a master’s degree in Education for the Deaf from Texas Women’s University.  Along the way, she had the good fortune to meet Dean, now her husband of 29 years, and his three children.  Today, those children are adults with children of their own, and Gwenn and Dean are the busy parents of Garrett (26), Logan (19), and Gavin (10).

So, how does someone who has always been careful about keeping her political beliefs to herself end up running for office?  Gwenn, a Democrat, says that reading Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope helped her understand that politics can be a force for good — that it can change our country for the better.  She focused first on the national campaign, but she quickly learned about the importance of state and local politics and soon began volunteering with local clubs and campaigns.  “Though the election of Barack Obama gave us hope,” says Gwenn, “there was still much progress to be made in Texas.”  

The 2016 presidential election cemented her commitment to being a change agent: “I often say that 2008 made me politically active, but 2016 made me an activist.”  Gwenn is running for office “not only because of that ruinous day in November, but also because it seemed our system of checks and balances was being dismantled, leaving us unprotected.”  She was particularly concerned to see Texas legislators making extreme cuts to public education, which led to underfunded school systems and overcrowded classrooms, overwhelmed teachers, and underserved students.

Gwenn, like her parents before her, is a strong proponent of education, and she is committed to making real progress on this issue and in other areas that make a real difference in the lives of real people.  

A Note from Gwenn

Progressive Leadership Ready to Serve Texas

Dear Texans:

My name is Gwenn Burud, and I am ready to work for you.

Our state legislature is in need of new leadership that is ready to tackle the real issues facing our communities. For too long, leaders in Austin have focused on passing partisan agendas, rather than providing relief to working and middle-class Texans, or investing in our future. We need to prioritize public education and affordable healthcare, not bathrooms and re-election.

As an educator and mother, I understand the importance of a quality education. I also understand that the actions of our legislature have threatened the vitality of our public schools. This is the wrong path. If we want every child to have the opportunity to succeed, and for Texas to remain competitive in the modern economy, we must strengthen public education by ensuring teachers and administrators have the resources they need. Republican lawmakers have made a habit of borrowing from our future to fund their priorities today. We must keep our promise to Texans to use tax dollars for their intended purposes.

There is no simple or easy way to address every issue in our state. However, approaching these tasks with an open mind, a willingness to reach across the aisle, and a common respect for the facts, is the best way to start. Additionally, those in public office should always be accessible to their constituents, because your voice matters every day, not just election day.


Gwenn Burud

How We'll Win SD9

We are a people-powered campaign, and that means we have real conversations with voters. We already have teams out block walking talking to the voters who have felt ignored for so long. With voter turnout across Texas at a dismal 52% in a Presidential election, we have to engage those who don't feel like their vote matters. We will be registering new voters and talking to those whose voting histories show an apathy toward voting. We're engaging younger voters and addressing the incredible population growth North Texas has been experiencing. We want to make sure voters feel heard, and we need your support to make that happen. Please consider a donation or signing up to volunteer. 

My Opponent: Co-Author of the Abortion Ban

My opponent, incumbent Senator Hancock said he was honored to be a co-author of the 6-week abortion ban that has been ruinous for women's rights and democracy around the country. He "fixed" the power grid with under-regulation that leaves us hoping our winter is milder than last year, and then his PAC took in over $50,000 from the energy sector. He chaired a committee and let good, bi-partisan legislation die that would have helped Texans get their longterm medications without unnecessary pre-authorization from insurance companies. 

Texans deserve better. 

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