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Policies and solutions for ordinary working families, small businesses, and communities.

I’m committed to fighting for a government that works to improve the lives of all who live, work, and worship in North Texas.

A Stronger Economy & Workers Rights

As a candidate endorsed by the Texas AFL-CIO I believe in promoting the development of an economy with the benefits felt by all.

We must focus on strengthening the middle class, protecting workers, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit,  and planning ahead to keep our state competitive.

I support:

  • Raising the Minimum Wage to account for inflation so that we can protect our most vulnerable workers and give working families the opportunity to go as far in life as their ambition will take them.
  • Fair Taxes for Working Families & Small Businesses because tax cuts should focus on helping those who need them, not corporations who don't.
  • Treating your taxpayer dollars with respect through responsible use of State funds.
  • Property tax relief for working families and retirees. 
  • Vocational Training so that Texas workers can acquire the skills that employers are seeking in the 21st century and move up the economic ladder.
  • Investing in our infrastructure for a growing population to ensure local municipalities and counties have the resources to keep people safe and keep goods moving.
  • Investing in reliable public transportation including high speed rail, bus, and intermodal transportation for access to more opportunities with fewer carbon emissions. 
  • Investing in our workforce through affordable higher education including alternative options such as community colleges and trade schools, and increasing state funding of community colleges.

Reproductive Rights & Personal Liberty

With SCOTUS' decision to overturn Roe v. Wade  and the Texas Republican Party’s attack on abortion rights, reproductive rights, personal liberty, and the right to privacy, there has never been a more important time for bold action at the State Level.

We are not just fighting for a woman’s right to choose; We are fighting for a woman’s right to live.

When it comes to access to abortion and reproductive healthcare, I believe it is a decision that is deeply personal, and that important decisions about pregnancy should be made between a woman and her physician.

I support:

  • Increased access to maternal healthcare regardless of what zip code you live in or your income level.
  • Funding family and pregnancy planning services and enacting legal protection for healthcare providers.
  • Enhancing resources for adoption, and protecting access to birth-control. 
  • Protecting the privacy of all Texans
  • Equal Protection for LGBTQ Texans because I believe that every human being deserves equal protection under the law and a representative in government that stands beside them.

As your State Senator, I will never back down from fighting for a woman's right to choose and defending individual liberty in the Statehouse. 

Strong Public Schools & Higher Education

Texans have seen their property taxes increase year after year due to the funding formulas used by our Republican legislature. Yet, despite paying more property taxes than almost every other State in the Union, Texas ranks only 37th in terms of education. We must demand a better return on our investment – school finance reform and a renewed commitment to public education must be critical focuses for the State Legislature next session.

  • School Finance Reform: By reforming our school finance formula, we could reduce property taxes, and ensure every Texas child receive the tools they need to succeed. The diversion of public school dollars to the charter school system results in more money being spent per student in a charter school than in any public school.
  • Restore Teacher Benefits: We must restore retirement benefits for our teachers. Not only are our teachers paid below average, but they also receive one of the worst retirement benefit packages in the nation. Our educators deserve a dignified retirement and competitive pay. They have worked for decades for our children and are now having the rug pulled out from under them.
  • Eliminate High Stakes Testing: High Stakes Testing creates higher dropout rates and only rewards wealthy school districts. Our teachers want the freedom to teach again, and in order to make that happen, we must replace our current standardized testing system. I believe in holding our schools accountable, but I also believe that our teachers should have flexibility in the curriculum, and students should be free to learn without the constant anxiety from testing.

In addition to these proposals, I also support:
– Reducing class sizes
– Cost of living adjustments for our educators
– Increased mental health services in schools
– Expanding Pre-K

Affordable Healthcare & Expanding Medicaid

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

Texas remains the most uninsured State in the country - and that is not acceptable. It's time to make sure everyone can see a doctor, afford their medication, and invest in healthier communities. I support:

  • Expanding Medicaid in our State so that low-income Texans have access to affordable care.
  • Funding Equitable Resources  to ensure all women have access to routine OB-GYN services, including before, during, and after a pregnancy and ensure every Texan has access to the medical care they need regardless of race, sexual orientation, identity, or income level.
  • Reducing Prescription Drug Costs so that people are no longer forced to choose between paying bills, buying groceries, or filling a prescription.
  • Protecting Texans from prescription price gouging and profiteering.
  • Funding Public Health and Wellness Infrastructure because preventing and preparing for serious issues is far better than just responding to them.
  • Strengthening consumer protection so that unexpected illness does not lead to financial ruin.
  • Funding eldercare and home health services to provide the ability for individuals to live with dignity.
  • Increasing mental health care service availability
    • The lack of psychiatrists in the State of Texas has created a shortage of providers for mental health services, particularly for children.
    • The State should improve mental health reimbursement rates to increase the percentage of psychiatrists who will accept Medicaid patients, providing access to health care for those who cannot afford private payments
    • Increasing funding and pay to retain state psychiatric nurses, therapists, and clinicians.

Criminal Justice Reform & Public Safety

Our current policies on gun control, juvenile justice, marijuana prohibition, and private prisons have created a justice system that does not protect those who are at risk – victims of domestic violence, children who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and people of color. 

Ending the Use of Private Prisons: The use of private prisons automatically creates profit incentives in our criminal justice system. Not only is that fact immoral, but it also does nothing to make Texas safer. These corporations are not held to the same level of accountability, leading to shady practices, and worse outcomes for our state. Incarceration has two goals – protect society from dangerous individuals, and rehabilitate those who will re-enter society. It is not, nor should ever be, about making money.

Ending the School to Prison Pipeline: We need to address the discipline techniques employed in our schools and ensure that they are proportional and being fairly applied to all students. Too often, children of color face harsher punishments than their white peers, especially those with learning or mental health disabilities. Furthermore, our children should have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes without missing significant amounts of education.

Legalization of Marijuana: Medical and recreational cannabis have the potential to improve the lives of Texans in several ways. Those who suffer from mental health disorders, chronic pain, and other medical conditions could use its medicinal properties to find relief from symptoms. Additionally, recreational cannabis would bring in significant tax revenue, while at the same time reducing costs related to enforcing marijuana prohibition. It is time for Texas to join the majority of states who have recognized marijuana’s positive potential.

Fixing our Power Grid & Investing in Renewable Energy

It's simple: The lights should come on and stay on when you need power, the heat should work when you need it, and Texas should continue to lead the Nation as a producer of renewable energy.

It's time to fix our power grid. I support an energy policy that will:

  • Position Texas at the forefront of modern energy needs and solutions, including increased electric vehicle infrastructure and clean natural gas infrastructure.
  • Increase training and vocational services to secure a workforce that provides quality and good paying jobs in clean, renewable energy.
  • Promote solar incentives for individuals, small businesses, and communities.
  • Protect consumers from price gouging and hold energy companies accountable. 

This earth is the only one we get, and ignoring science won’t make the challenges it faces go away. 

Protecting our Democracy & Voting Rights

With only 54% of the voting age population casting a ballot in 2020's election, we must making voting easier--not harder. I believe a healthy society requires participation in our democracy at every level.

I support:

  • Providing funding for 24 Hour in Person / Drive-Thru Voting Locations in Every County
  • Online Voter Registration 
  • Expanding vote-by-mail eligibility 
  • Safe, secure, free and fair elections. 
  • Campaign finance reform
  • Ranked Choice Voting for a healthier democracy
  • Equal access to polling locations 

Preventing Gun Violence

Parents shouldn't have to worry if their child will come home from school - or not - due to gun violence. It's time to act responsibly and work to keep our communities safe.

I believe in balancing rights afforded by the 2nd Amendment with common-sense reforms that have support of the majority of Texans, such as background checks, red-flag laws, limiting the availability of weapons designed for use on the battlefield, regulating the availability of high capacity magazines, increased focus on training for first responders, and supporting safe storage measures to help prevent accidental death in homes of gun-owners.

Most importantly, we must address the root causes of violence and mass shootings, and I support increasing funding for better access to mental health services, and policies that help prevent dangerous individuals from obtaining firearms and causing harm to our communities.

Marijuana Legalization

Medical and recreational cannabis have the potential to improve the lives of Texans in several ways. Those who suffer from mental health disorders, chronic pain, and other medical conditions could use its medicinal properties to find relief from symptoms.

Additionally, recreational cannabis for adults would bring in significant tax revenue, while at the same time reducing costs related to enforcing marijuana prohibition. 

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