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The state legislature bullied out one of the brightest senators it had; Beverly Powell is a fighter for public education and it breaks my heart to know she won’t be there standing up for our students and teachers in the next session. 

When drawing her new district, small, but densely populated, sections of Tarrant County were drawn out and replaced by 6.5 rural counties. What was once encompassed solely in Tarrant County, District 10 now spans eight different counties (the yellow section in the map below). 

When Democrats say “voter suppression,” we don’t simply mean ID laws like the talking points you hear from Fox News; we mean, even if you’re in the majority, your vote is weakened to the point where it feels like it’s taken away. Voters: we HAVE to fight back. While Senator Powell’s district may be deemed unwinnable, you have so many other races on your ballot to show up for. The county judge seat is one of those we have a shot at flipping. The judges we as voters elect are a dozen of those we can flip. You have to show up and you have to vote. When we win at the bottom of the ticket, we will find our way back to fair representation. 

In the 2020 Presidential election, 52% of the population that’s voting age went to the polls. Barely half. Imagine what would happen if the other 48% voted. Or even just a fraction of that. Republicans are passing draconian laws and diluting minority votes because they know their power is slipping. When more people vote, Democrats win. Don’t let the suppression work. 

State legislators drew Senate District 9 in favor of reelecting Mr. Kelly Hancock, someone who imposes the conservative values of a quickly decreasing population through laws. But what they also did was draw it solely in Tarrant County. Tarrant County lost its superwoman today. We are mad but we will fight. Tarrant has grown so much in the last two years. My campaign to represent Senate District 9 is working to identify those voters and make sure they are heard, they are registered, and they know how to vote. Our district will be hard to win, but we know our race is winnable. I know I can’t replace Beverly Powell in most ways, but with your help, I can make sure Tarrant has another fighter in the legislature for public education, for affordable healthcare, and for the rights of minorities, women, and the Texan Democrats that will run this state when we vote. 

Learn more about my campaign at BurudForTexas.com, donate at burud.co/donate, or reach out at info@burudfortexas.com

The blue outlined area was SD10; now it’s the yellow district. The new SD9 is purple. This map shows all Senate Districts that are in Tarrant County. 

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