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RE: Timberview High School Shooting, 10/6/21

I want you to cry with me. I want news of a school shooting to hurt every. single. time. I refuse to let this be a normal occurrence that doesn’t phase me anymore. 

Today, our hearts are broken yet again by the presence of violence in our communities. This one hit especially hard as it took place in a high school here in Tarrant County. The details will come out, the excuses will be made, but the end result will still be the same: 

Our kids deserve better. Our teachers deserve better. We can do better. 

The excess of guns in our society is a direct reflection of misinformation that romanticizes a gun culture mindset. How can we make schools safer? How can we make society safer? Better enforcement of existing gun laws, and better regulations utilizing popular common sense gun control measures. 

In addition to safer gun laws, I propose this: look at gun violence. When and where does it occur, and why? How can we address that “why” and prevent gun injuries and unnecessary deaths? Funding resources that can offer solutions to the most common triggers can save lives while simultaneously making smarter gun laws. A GOP-backed, gun lobbyist-funded legislature has moved to an unpopular position of permitless carry. We’re done going backwards. 

I will be criticized for moving too quickly to seek action. But it’s my friends and colleagues who have to return to their campuses tomorrow and question if their school will be next. It’s our area school children who will have to process the trauma with every news story that follows. It’s my son who could be next. 

I will be criticized for making this political. But it is politics that brought us here, yet again. We used to be able to unite around the issues our children face, but now, it’s political. It’s “CRT,” banning mask mandates, and “school choice.” It’s forcing underpaid educators to teach to a standardized test instead of reaching students where they are to help lift them up. It’s underfunding schools and requiring “this is a property tax increase” on ballot measures that leads to oversized classes and dilapidated infrastructure. 

I will continue to fight, and shout, and cry until I feel like we’ve really done the best we can to make this great state good enough for our students.

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